Fast Funnel disposable paper funnels
Fast Funnel Made un the USA.


Ted Salani

Ted Salani has been pouring oil for a long time. In fact, although he hates to admit it, Ted can remember back when oil didn't come in bottles with screw-off caps. It came in cans and you had to use a funny contraption called a spout to plunge into the top of the can so you could pour. Of course he's seen all the other accessories you had for pouring as well. Metal funnels with corrugated, flexible necks, plastic funnels in all shapes and sizes, even goofy little screw on spouts. No matter what the design, they all had the same problem, they were dirty. Full of crud, cobwebs and old oil before you started and worse when you finished.

A mechanical engineer who was always tinkering with a project, Ted saw an opportunity for a new product, a clean, disposable, one-time-use funnel.

Before Fast Funnel, what was called a disposable funnel was nothing more than a cheap paper tube that looked like someone rolled up a piece of notebook paper and worked about as well. This wasn't a real solution. Ted set out to engineer a disposable funnel that was an actual tool; something that solved the problems with old-style funnels, would be easier to use and store, and would benefit everyone from professionals to hobbyists.

That product became the Fast Funnel Standard and was originally conceived as a medium sized, general purpose funnel that would attach to every bottle of oil sold. The newly formed S&S Concepts, Inc., soon learned that big oil doesn't accept change easily and having just finished the first production run of funnels, had to find a market. S&S decided to distribute Fast Funnel on its own to the specialty oil and performance market, where the importance of clean lubricant was already accepted. Fast Funnel's very first customer was Amsoil Lubricants. This was a fitting match as Amsoil is known as the "first in synthetics" and they recognized the importance of clean, hi-performance lubricants.

Although the original target markets were automotive and powersports, the genie was out of the bottle and soon Fast Funnels were being used in manufacturing and power plants, laboratories, doctors offices, kitchens and just about anywhere people were pouring.

Today, Fast Funnel is recognized worldwide as the uniquely square, disposable funnel for every pouring job. Over the years we've added new styles and sizes, worked with some of the world's most recognized companies on branded funnels for their customers, and expanded our clean disposable approach to include new products. And yes, after all of this, you'll still find Ted in the shop working on the next idea to make a job a little easier. Give us a call, he'll probably stop long enough to answer the phone himself and see how we can help you.