( ) Fast Funnel disposable paper funnels
Fast Funnel Made un the USA.


Finding unique ways to broadcast your brand and message can be a challenge. Fast Funnel is one of the most effective tools to help businesses do just that. Through our private label branding program, companies can highlight their name, logo, products, and any other marketing message they want to announce.

With all four panels of Fast Funnel available, your marketing team has a big canvas to advertise on. More importantly, unlike old, stale brochures with limited retention value, customers recognize Fast Funnel as a useful tool meaning they'll hold onto to it...and with it your brand and message.

Branded funnels can be bundled with your products, used for promo events, trade shows, or resale.

Fast Funnel has been branded by Amsoil, Harley-Davidson, Advance Auto, Honda, Mobil, Shell, Sincair and Trico, just to name a few.