Fast Funnel disposable paper funnels
Fast Funnel Made un the USA.


Dear Andrew,

Received the Fast Funnels with thanks.

Wonderful product, very useful especially in motorsport...

Once our new team is up and running we will be sure to get in touch for more.

Colin Neill
Team Principal

Team CVR
Driving Innovation
Carbon Neutral Racing

I use the fast funnel in my kitchen for various projects, filling the sugar bowl, spice jars, salt and pepper jars and pouring liquids into jars or bottles or containers that I think I'll spill all over the counter, I can keep a few in my utility drawer where they are very handy, and have no bulk like the plastic ones that take up so much room. This is the greatest tool in my kitchen. Can we make some with flower on them like Daisey and Poppies for the Ladies in the kitchen. It's not just for the garage. Thank for this great product...keep up the good ideas!

Sandra J.
Cantabria, Spain

I recently won a sample pack of your fast funnels at a local motocross race. I have to say I was unsure how I would use them at first but after changing my oil in mine and my two sons bikes this week. I can honestly say that they came in real handy. No need to wipe the old plastic funnel out or worry about any foreign debris. Thanks.

Jeremy D.
Sturgis, KY

I was recently introduced to the fast funnel while on vacation. I was making a batch of bloody mary's for a group of people and needed to pour the tomato juice from the large can into a disposable plastic container. Using the fast funnel I was able to pour the tomato juice (without spilling) and add all the ingredients to make one heck of a batch of bloody mary's for my friends!

Jo-Lynn M.
Chicago, IL

Fast Funnels are really useful for dirt bike guys, from filling my 1987 Hotel Dodge to draning and filling my YZ450 oil, you guys make my passion less messy!

Kenji G.
Cff-Road Racer
Rosamond, CA

Having recently relocated to the South I was bothered by small flies or gnats, which I later learned were fruit flies, in my kitchen and my recycling bin. Since they are nearly impossible to eliminate with an aerosol can of bug killer, I developed a trap using a "Fast Funnel" and would like to pass this on to others that are experiencing this same problem.

I placed a FAST FUNNEL in a jar (I used my sweet tea glass) which I had baited with a small piece of banana, though a few ounces of cider vinegar works just as good. The fruit flies are attracted to this and can get in but don't seem to have sense to get back out. This simple procedure is effective and will catch the flies which can then be killed or released outdoors.

I wish the grocery stores would catch onto this simple procedure since many of their produce sections are infected with them, making the produce very unappealing!!

B. Linhart
Eatonton, GA

Brilliant idea! I love the Fast Funnel. It's ideal for indoor and outdoor use, kitchen, garage, car, etc. I like to use the Fast Funnel in the kitchen for my bulk spices, I use it to fill the smaller containers...awesome!

Leah B.
Addison, IL

I would like to say thank you to Fast Funnel. I am a candle maker and I deal with lots of fragrances and color dyes. Having to pour them from large container was a bit messy. My husband came in with Fast Funnel that he uses for oil changes on his car and asked me to try it out. It worked great, I did not have to worry about any residue from the other fragrances or dyes. Best of all they are disposable and no cleaning up after use.

Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth's Elements
Coral Springs, FL

U.S. Military Troops


Mr. Salani,
I wanted to thank you for your contribution in the care package for yellow ribbons. I just received the fast funnel today here in Afghanistan, and it's a great product. It was surely the highlight of my day. I will share the contents with members of my squad since we do have some down time every so often. You have an amazing program and I commend you for all the great services that you provide. My moral has been lifted and from the bottom of my heart; THANK YOU!

Your Soldier,


"Be just...fear not"...William Shakespeare

"No Edgar(and the rest of you),
we THANK YOU!!!" ...Webmaster

I recently recieved a package from The Yellow Ribbon Support Group with a few Fast Funnels in it. I wanted to thank you for the brillant gift.

I work out just about every day, there's not a whole lot else to do here after work. I use supplements while I work out and the Fast Funnel is perfect for mixing them. I normally make a big mess with the big scoops. Thanks for the gift.

Pfl Ben Gann

Dear Ted and Larry,
On behalf of the Marines and Sailors of Marine Wing Support Squadron 372 I would like to thank you and all the good people of S&S Concepts for your support. We truly appreciate it.

Semper Fidelis

Chaplain Joe Coffey
Camp Leatherneck

Flying Tigers

Dear Mac & Pat McCoy
Yellow Ribbon Support Group

Just want to send you a email and let you know we received your packages earlier this week and handed them out to the guys/girls in the squadron. They loved the packages and the support you are providing for them and for all service members deployed. There favorite items seemed to be the cookies and toiletries. They collected all the Beanie Baby's and we're going to take them to the local hospital to be handed out to the local children, so you are not only bring smiles to the troops here but also to children of the local community.

Just a little back ground on our unit ; we are the 75th Fighter Squadron / 75 Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) stationed in Moody AFB, Ga. We maintain the A-10C aircraft and belong to the 23 Wing out of Moody. The 75 AMU is one of the three original groups that started back in 1941 as the 1st American Volunteer Group named The Flying Tigers. The group was started by Claire Lee Chennault who recruited pilots and crewman to go to China and help support and defend the Burma Road from Japanese attacks. They flew the Curtiss P-40 aircraft and had one of the best fighter records in military history. There trademark shark teeth can been seen flying on our aircraft even today.

On a personal note I would just like to say how much your support means to the people deployed throughout the world.

It's so great to see people like your self and company's like Xerox Capital Services, S&S Concepts, Inc., and GE Women's Network taki ng time out of your busy day to help out. It is people like you that make this country worth fighting for and we are proud to defend this great nation.

On behalf of myself and the 75 AMU


MSgt Scott A. Blakeman
A-10 Weapons Flight Chief
Bagram, AB
DSN 318-447-2351

Dear Friends at S&S Concepts,

Thanks you so much for sharing the little funnels. The guys use protein shakes a lot and they will be a blessing to them. May you be blessed for your kindness and support of our troops!


Christina "Doc" Williams

165th QM

I'm writing an email of thanks to you and the students (Alexandra L. Tinaglia, middle school in IL) effort that organize such a needing items for Soldier, Sailor, Marines, and Airman. Every item that was in the box is being distributed to those that need the items. I know for sure that the teddy bear will find a nice home and a child that will love to care for it. Please let the students know that their efforts is not being unnoticed. On behalf of 165th QM US. Army, Navy Petroleum Det. We would like to say thanks, give our appreciation and support.

An Nasiriyah, IRAQ

Dear S&S Concepts:

Thank you so much for the Fast Funnel products in Pat & Mac McCoy's Yellow Ribbon Support Group. Thank you!

My name is Major Koo Baker and I lead an advisor team. We are embedded to an Iraqi National Police Battalion. My job is to make this Iraqi unit to be stronger and self-sufficient. This in turn will cause the Iraqi Security Forces stronger, so that we all will go home.

On average, my team logs over 250 miles per week. There were several times that the Fast Funnel came in very handy.

You are a true hero. Please continue to support the troops!

Thank you and God Bless You!

Best Regards,
Koo Baker
Major, United States Army

Dear Ted And Larry,

WOW!!! Where has this product been all my life?? It comes in handy for everything from vehicle maintnence to beverage preperation. All of us want to know how to get more. We found your product in some care packages sent to us in Iraq, we soon started checking all packages for more and we can't get enough !!! THANK YOU !!! These should be in every automotive, food, liquor, and convience store nation wide. (make it happen) And ya I can't wait to try one of these out for my flask for when I get home. Have you guy's thought about making bigger and smaller funnel's for all need's? Well any ways thank's we all love them and need more.

Spc. Nick Snowden
B/Btry 1/147 th F.A.
Cedar II
APO AE 09331 (Iraq)

Mr. Salani,

I just wanted to write you a quick letter to say thank you. I am deployed to Kyrgyzstan in support of Enduring Freedom. I recently received a care package with one of your funnels inside. Prior to this, my friends and I had been rolling up a piece of paper to try and use as a funnel as we attempted to pour protein powder into a small water bottle. Needless to say, most of the powder ended up on the floor. Your funnel arrived at the perfect time and will be used by many. Thank you for supporting the troops.

Staff Sergeant Russell Carr
APO AE 09353

Hello Ted,

I'd like to thank you for your support and let you know that me and my team greatly appreciate you sending us your product it actually comes in handy to mix our workout supplements everyone is grateful that we have people like you behind us at home.

3rd Special Forces

my name is Spc chris colwell. me and my buddys are stuck in baghdad, we have been here for 9 months, and we have 6 more to go. recently i came across the fast funnel and its awsome. we mostly use it to mix protein drinks. my only problem is we only have one. and it gets so much use around the platoon. it would be great if you could hook us up with a couple more. thanks for every thing, chris....

colwell christopher 1-504 82nd ABN
unit# 41556 FOB Loyalty
APO AE 09390-1556

Dear Fast Funnel,

I a currently deployed to Iraq and someone sent me a fast funnel. It is amazing. I use it to make drinks from water bottles and to help mix my protien shakes. Is there any way you can send some here so I can distribute them to my troops? Mine is falling apart already from all the use its getting.

Thank you

SSgt MIchael Crowley
886th ESFS
Unit 60508

I am serving here in Iraq and received a care package a few months ago with your fast funnels. It has made taking my protein shakes so much easier. I would like to thank you but I have one question. How can I get more funnels? My funnels have begun to wear and I would like to know how to get some replacements.

Sgt. Mora
U.S. Army

Dear Mr. Ted

We the 4 Kandak Soldier thank U for all Ur support us and other armed forces who protect the Red, White and Blue no matter were what country were in.
I have a saying we take care of those who take care of us. Thanks again

SSG Bobby Warren OK
Army National Guard Deployed

Motley Crew

My name is SSgt Mitch Story and the date is Nov. 14th. Myself and my team are Marines with 4th Civil Affairs Group. We are out here in Ramadi, Iraq. I have included a picture of the team for you guys. We received your funnel in a box from the Operation Support Our Troops Illinois. Man it is great! We use it for the drink powders we put in our water bottles. I would like to thank you for your support.


SSgt Mitch Story
Ramadi, Iraq


My name is Brian Chevere I am an active duty U.S. Marine serving in Iraq, I am writing you this email in regards to your product Fast Funnels in the care packages my Marines have received while being deployed here. I want to personally thank you for your support in supporting us in the war. I am personally in charge of 50 Marines and they do appreciate any and every little thing that comes in these care packages, most of the time the Marines would like to write someone back to tell them thank you but the packages either do not have a return address or is not that visible. I just wanted to take the time to send you a response to let you know that it helps the morale and lets us know that there are fine Americans that take the time out of their day to send packages to us. Once again thank you for supporting us!

Semper Fidelis
Brian Chevere

Ted and Larry:

I found your note in a care package I received here in Iraq. We always love getting goodies from stateside. But the reason I'm writing you is in response to your request for feedback on your Fast Funnel.

Normally I'm not the type of consumer to rave about a product, even if I think it's the best thing since Jimmy Choo shoes. But as a soldier who supplements her diet with protein powders and powdered milk (yes, they feed us! But most sources of protein are fried and unhealthy!), Fast Funnels are awesome - and were quickly distributed throughout our company. So, the obvious question can we get more?!

When I'm not activated with the US Army Reserves (seldom...this is my second yearlong tour since 2005), I'd definitely use your product at home; believe it or not, I'm quite the Martha Stewart in the kitchen and would definitely use your product at home.

But lastly, thanks so much for your support. We rarely get a chance to catch the news, and when we do, it can be unmotivating. Care packages from people - even complete strangers - prove to us that the support is unwavering.

Many Blessings,
SSG Krista Englert
401st Civil Affairs Battalion
FOB Warhorse, Iraq

Comments: You've got a good product here and my platoon which is in Iraq right now would greatly appreciate a few more of your inventions. We recieved one through a care package and for mixing Protein Shakes, et. al, it's a lifesaver. Please send some more out so we can utalize them to the best of their potential while putting them out there and introducing them to the Marine Corps.

Thank you,
Sgt John E. Fricano
1st Combat Engineer Battallion
1st Marine Division
Route Clearance Platoon

Mr. Salani,

My name is Dean Thomas. I am a Staff Sergeant serving in the United States Army. I am obviously currently deployed. I would like to thank you personally for including your funnels into the care packages that we received. As you can imagine, one of our few but favorite hobbies is to stay in shape by working out every chance we get. It helps to reduce the stress and is required for our job. As strange as this sounds, your funnel is a key component to making that hobby possible. Everyone I know takes some sort of protein supplement in order to maximize muscle development and growth. However, since the water over here is non-potable, it is necessary to only drink bottled water. Your funnel allows us to pour the protein into the bottle of water without spilling it everywhere. In addition, it is easy to maintain because it folds flat into a book or onto a shelf. Once again thank you for the simple, yet incredibly useful contribution.

Dean Thomas


Your Fast Funnels were enclosed in a number of care packages, much to our delight. Funnels were one thing no one brought, but we all need. Drinking as much water as we'e forced to gets old fast, so drink mixes are very popular, but more so are the proteins & body building supplements everyone takes. Those funnels are a welcome solution. Thanks again & Please keep them coming.

Semper Fi
CPL Nicholas—


We received some of your funnels in our boxes from the states. I just wanted to let you know that one of our team is using them to pour his protein drink mix into a small-mouthed water bottle. They are a useful item to have around.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in providing them.

Sid Hooper
Border Enforcement Advisor
BTT 4311
FOB Caldwell, Iraq

Good Evening,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Marines in 2nd Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron (2MAW MWHS-2), G6. I wanted to thank you for the inclusion of your Fast Funnels with the care packages supplied by the Yellow Ribbon Support Group. Your help, along with the Support Group ran by Pat, and Mac McCoy of Illinois has helped not just the Marines within our unit but Marines everywhere within our area of operations. These packages have brought much needed supplies, and happy faces to the tired and in need Marines within Iraq.

Once again I thank you for your dedication and support to the deployed military personnel located around the world.

Corporal Conant Michael

Dear American's

I am the 1st Sergeant for the Border Transition Teams that you sent the Care Packages to here in Iraq. CPT Fanto is one on my Operations officers that the packages were sent to. I would like to personnel thanks the Yellow Ribbon Support Group, S&S Concepts and the Girl Scouts GS Troop 667 and GS Troop 347 for your support. As a 20 year Active veteran for the US Army this does my heart good to fell the support for my soldiers and fellow team members. We patrol over 135 mile of border between Iraq and Iran; it is a tough, challenging and isolated mission. Working together as a team is paramount; your ability to depend on one another to accomplish the mission is your single goal. All you girls of the Girl Scouts of America; I am so proud of you the lessons you learn through being with such an organization will last a life time. For all the businesses that support this great and noble act; shows me the type of business and vision you wish to instill. So once again from the "Mustang's" Team 4310 we deeply appreciate you keeping us in your thought and prayers. May God Bless each and every one of you.

1sg Edwards
Border Transition Team
FOB Caldwell, Iraq
APO AE 09324

Sgt. Rafferty's Squad

Dear Folks,

Thanks a bunch for the Fast Funnels. My soldiers immediately reacted to the funnels because we're truck drivers and can never find a funnel when we need one. We really enjoyed the box of goodies from Operation Support Our Troops Illinois. I attached a picture of my guys with the flags and I'll watch for them using the funnels and send the pictures. If possible, could you please forward the picture and my thanks (below) to the folks at OSOTIL, I can't find a good e-mail address to send to them.

It's July 4th and we received the package with little flags so I had my kids hold them up for a picture. A couple of my guys were on a mission. It's really great for them to get so much good feedback from back home. It means so much. Anyway, I wanted to send this picture off to the folks that have given so much.
Thanks again, Jere..


To: Ted Salani and all employees of S&S Concepts, Inc.

My unit received a care package from your company a while back, and I want to apologize for not writing back sooner, we've been pretty busy. I hope you'll excuse the tardiness of this thank you letter.

I want to thank you for sending us the care package, the contents, to include the funnel, were all awesome. It was great to hear from the USA. It's also pretty awesome to hear from someone I've never met, pledging their support and saying that you thank our service. You have no idea how great it is to hear that people support us. All we ever hear or read from the news media is the protests against us, the protests and disgracing of our fallen brothers at their funerals, and being figuratively spat on by the media and the celebrities that we watch in films and listen to for entertainment purposes.

I just wanted to thank you, and to let you know that while it may have only taken just a little bit of time to write your letters and send your thanks, merely reading that and knowing that there are people out there like you, who have our backs, well, that knowledge really lifts up a soldiers spirits on a long hard day or night outside the wire.

My thanks to you, your employees, and your families for your support.

I'm not sure how many letters you receive, but know this one is heartfelt.

Thankfully yours,

Sgt. Rob Morris
20th Special Forces Group


I got a Fast Funnel and your letter in a Care Package that was send out by Operation Support Our Troops Illinois.

First, thanks for the letter. I appreciate the support you expressed on behalf of your company and the people back home. I really does mean a lot to hear that once in a while.

Second, this Fast Funnel is great! I use mine to fill water bottles with a protein supplement I use after working out. It's a fairly thick powder as most protein supplements are and regular funnels just clog up when I try to use them for this. Attempting to pour the powder directly into the water bottle has only led to me use lot's of profanity and scurrying for a vacuum cleaner. The Fast Funnel works much better for this. I have to help it through with a pen, but still it works much better than anything else. Also, the Fast Funnel says it is intended for one time use, but I have used mine several times and it is holding up very well.

Thanks for the Fast Funnel and more importantly, thanks for your support.


SGM Tom Stiefermann
10th JLC
10th Mountain Division/CJTF-76
Bagram, Afghanistan

Dear Fast Funnel,

We received a few of your funnels and your letter requesting ways your funnels are used in theatre. Well, here you go. I am part of a mental health team. We frequently travel to small camps that are all men. Restroom facilities are not the most appealing, particularly in the middle of the night. A Fast Funnel and an empty water bottle are DEFINITELY a life saver for a lady in a combat zone....

Cpt. Terry Matz
HHC 82nd SB
APO AE 09331

S&S Concepts, Inc.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank all of you for the support you are providing to the soldiers here in Iraq. I am not sure how items from you got in to our hands but it is much appreciated just the same. It is a comfort to know that there are people back home that are supporting our efforts over here despite some things we hear in the news. Sometimes we as soldiers get so caught up on what is going on over here that we forget to thank those like you that take the time to ship a little piece of home to us.

Myself along with the small unit of guys I came with are all volunteers. We are with a National Guard unit based out of North Carolina and volunteered to come in place of an active duty unit that was scheduled to return to Iraq. The active duty unit had already been here 3 times and we took their 4th rotation to give them a break so I understand your position when it comes to helping others. Even as insignificant as a Thank You may seem, it can sometimes speak volumes.

With that said I want to Thank you again for all of your help and support. May God's blessings be with you and your loved ones. Please share this with the rest of your staff as they too should know our appreciation.


Kenton Seay
20th Special Forces Group
Diyala Province, Iraq

Sir, Thank you, for the Fast Funnel. I have used already twice since I received it here in Iraq. I had made a make ship tool to get my protein powder/ice tea mix into a water bottle but, with the Fast Funnel it made it more easier and less of a mess. THANK YOU EVERYONE at Fast Funnel for you support and I will continue to use your product.


LTJG James C. Moran, USN
FOB Union III Baghdad, Iraq

Love your Fast Funnels and your American heart of sharing and caring for our nation's warriors!

Lt. James Nowell
Flight Nurse

Dear Ted Salani,

Thank you for your recent gift from Fast Funnel. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending gifts to men and women in uniform. The funnels will definitely come in very handy as we continue to be a very mobile force.

God bless,

Chaplain Hochhalter
Kandahar, Afghanistan


I just wanted to thank you very much for the care package. I see that the "Fast Funnel" gets put to good use.


Spc. Donaldson

Dear Ted Salani,

Thank you so much for your support! The Fast Funnel is one of the coolest, smart, and basic ideas I have seen in a while. It was funny when I first saw your product, I had spilled some Gatorade drink mix a few hours earlier trying to put it into a water bottle. If only I would have opened the package a little later.


l Lt. Justin Marshall

Dear Ted and Larry Salani,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful support you have shown towards our troops. My unit is in southern Iraq and these packages that the troops receive are a highlight of our week. We are truly grateful for the wonderful items you sent us and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

The packages and letters that you send absolutely touch the hearts of your troops. Your troops are working hard, sweating and trying to secure the Iraqi environment and when they see your packages or letters, their faces brighten and they are all smiles. Your efforts are appreciated and your product is being used to turn water bottles into Gatorade Containers. I will send you some photos so you can see your contributions are appreciated.

The services that you are providing to the men and women in uniform here are very critical. For some of my troops, the only mail they will ever receive is from you and the only package they will ever receive is from you. You are making a difference and making people here feel supported and special. You are performing a service to your country and to my troops by supporting us and demonstrating your care. You should be proud of your dedication and commitment and know that you have about 300 best friends sitting here in Iraq.

Again, I want to sincerely say Thank you for all of your support and for being outstanding patriots. I will e-mail you so we can correspond and so I can send you photos of our troops and the unit. May God continue to bless all of you.



Dear Ted & Larry,

I'm sending greetings from sunny Iraq! I received a care pkg. that contained your company letter and contact info-so I had to write today.

My name is Deborah Burns. I'm here as a civilian contractor operating the movie theater here at Camp Warhorse near Baqabah, Iraq. I am 2 weeks into my 3rd year here. My home is Houston, but I'm from Illinois originally-Danville.

Over the past months I was fortunate to receive some of your funnels in some care packages sent here to us. I thought what a great idea for a product-plus s-o-o-o appropriate for our challenging conditions here.

I wanted to write to you directly to tell you the soldiers love your product. They swipe them from us and each other...the true litmus test.

Thanks for sharing with us here and for a great idea...and your support.

As I get pkgs. I put out the goodies on special tables in the lobby for optimum exposure to patrons.

Thank you on behalf of the soldiers.

Deborah Burns

To whom this concerns,
I actually got a chance to email some of the people that send us packages like the boxes we received with the fastfunnel in it. Let me introduce myself, I am David Lee Smith, and our unit, the 572nd Military Intelligence Company and I was able to get a fast funnel out of the box. I never saw one before, however, I like it and will keep it for protein shakes that I will start to take again while I am in Iraq. Our unit is expected to return to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska in the beginning of Dec 2006. Thank you for sending care packages to us. Take care and God bless you all.

SGT David Lee Smith
572nd Military Intelligence COmpany,
172d Styrker Briagde COmbat Team


I am writing to show my sincere appreciation for your contribution of the Fast Funnel to the care package sent to us by Operations Support our Troops Illinois. Our vehicles are our home. They provide communication, mobility and a method to store and transport fuel, ammo, food and water. Your product assists us in maintaining these very important pieces of equipment. The addition of your product to the movement to support our troops in harm's way sounds, at first, like the kind of great idea that some one brings up in a meeting, but then gets swept under the rug. Instead, you acted upon that idea and we appreciate that gesture very, very much.

We receive a very mixed message from the American media on the actual level of support American's feel toward the troops overseas. Your gracious act sends a very clear message that you and your company value the freedoms soldiers provide. That kind of conscience effort speaks volumes of the support and validation we greatly appreciate from the folks back home. Thank you very much.

Cary Rux
Captain, US Army

Dear Ted Salani,

Thank you so much for your support! The Fast Funnel is one of the coolest, smart, and basic ideas I have seen in a while. It was funny when I first saw your product, I had spilled some Gatorade drink mix a few hours earlier trying to put it into a water bottle. If only I would have opened the package a little sooner.

My platoon is operating in Ramadi, Iraq, but luckily are leaving soon. We should be back to our home station in Germany by the middle of November.

Again, thank you for your support!

1 LT Justin Marshall

Dear S&S Concepts,

My name is TSgt. David Dunlap, I am originally from Dwight Illinois, and my home Base is Scott, AFB and I am currently stationed in the armpit of the world, Afghanistan. I received one of your funnels in a care package the other and just wanted to say thank you very much for that. It comes in really handy when we need to mix our Gatorade packets in there, the guys here really appreciate. Well I just wanted to say thank you real quick, thanks again for your support.

Dave Dunlap

I am an American soldier serving in Iraq,and I have been using your funnels while servicing my truck before i go out on my convoys at night. I supply bases with needed material and drive through some bad areas. I like your product because i can put them in my rucksack and keep them with me untill i need them. they are very convienent,and i will continue to use them as long as i caan get them. with your product i can keep my truck fluids up and continue with my mission to keep America free and safe.

Rock on with your product.


I am writing to thank you for the package that I received just yesterday. My name is Corey Baker and I am a sergeant in the US Army. I am currently going into my 10th month of my 12 month deployment to Iraq. I am stationed in Baghdad, located at FOB Prosperity. I would just like to thank you for the package. All the things that were in there were wonderful and useful. I appreciate what you are doing for all the soldiers that are deployed.

Corey Baker

Dear S&S Concepts,

Previously, I had never heard of Fast Funnel, but when our graphics specialist showed me his, I was like "hey! I want one!" But since it's a one time only use, I had to wait for my own package, which I got! Today?. And the funnel is going back to my trailer. I have a couple visions for it. I haven't decided how I'll use it. (1) Pour Gatorade powder into 1.5L bottle (2) put laundry soap (dry) into bottle because bottle stays strong and can be packed in my duffel for when I travel to other FOBs in theater.

SPC Rachel Jaeger

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently, I returned from a deployment in Kuwait/Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Throughout the war, the support that we received from the grateful Americans was truly heartwarming. We received packages from groups all around the country filled with items to make our daily lives just a little bit better. The word must have gotten out about our water situation over in Iraq (drinking plain, distasteful water day after day was very unsatisfying) because we received many containers of Gatorade and Kool-Ade in our care packages. Unfortunately, we only had a limited number of plastic funnels. Those funnels soon because soiled or clogged up and were unusable. Then we were forced to just pour the powder into our water containers which was very inefficient.

Luckily though, in one of my care packages, I received some Fast Funnel disposable funnels. I was able to share them with my platoon, and they were tremendous. We were able to dispose of the funnels after one use, so we didn't have to use our old filthy plastic funnels over and over again. Additionally, because they are so compact, we were able to carry a good supply in our packs. With bulky plastic funnels, we had a space problem.

On behalf of my entire platoon, I would like to thank you for your gift. I would also appreciate it if you could let me know where I might purchase some more of your disposable funnels. No matter where we are in the world, we soon tire of drinking plain water. When one is stuck in the desert with temperatures in the 100s and the enemy making your life utterly miserably, even little things like flavored water seem like such a big comfort.

S.C. Calhoun

I have recently returned home from Iraq after being deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. While I was there I was delighted to receive a case of disposable Fast Funnels. As a vehicle commander with 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, my crew and I used these much needed funnels for many different reasons. Using them very sparingly, we would take one out and use it for dry powders for our canteens such as Kool aid or Gator aid, then use it again to fill the canteen with water. We also use them to put fluids in the LAV.

We had brought plastic funnels with us, but they had quickly become dirty with all of the blowing sand so these Fast Funnels were great to have. They are light and compact so they were much easier to carry then the plastic funnels. I was able to pass them around the Battalion so that my fellow Marines could use these also. Every one of the Fast Funnels that had been sent to me while I was in Iraq got use. They were wonderful to have.

William J. Hickey