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Contact Contamination During Fluid Delivery...
Possibly the most overlooked cause of mechanical failure, reduced
fuel efficiency, shorter oil service life and loss of engine performance.

Below are statements taken from articles written by professionals in the lubrication field.

"John Deere has stated that the greatest enemy of a well-maintained engine is the funnel used to add oil to the crankcase. Grit introduced into the oil through a dirty funnel will have an opportunity to grind on the oil pump's internal surfaces before it is removed by the oil filter."

Paul Dilger
Outdoor Power Equipment
Lubrication: system components

"Fluid contamination is another source of trouble. Common contaminants are external dirt, spent friction material and engine coolant. Dirt often enters a transmission when fluid is being added or checked. It can come from a dirty container or funnel, or a dirty rag used to wipe down the dipstick."

Paul Richards
Editor of Commercial Carrier Journal
Avoid auto-trans fluid foibles

"Lube oil contamination is a primary reason for engine wear. The wear processes promoted by oil contamination lead to diminished fuel efficiency, shorter useful oil service life, reduced component life, and loss of engine performance."

Needelman, W.M. & Madhavan, P.V,
Pall Corporation
Review of Lubricant Contamination and Diesel Engine Wear

"Studies have shown that 70% to 85% of equipment failures are self-induced, meaning that maintenance practices and processes are directly responsible for the failures."

Ricky Smith, CMRP,
Contributing Editor,
Exterminate lube problems

"When adding clean oil ensure the container, funnel, pump and area around the reservoir is clean."

Tony Kraut, Branch Manager,
Bauer Equipment USA,
Hydraulic Oil; Keep it Clean — Keep it Cool