Fast Funnel disposable paper funnels
Fast Funnel Made un the USA.
Regular funnels aren't green. Be Green

It's Disposable, So How's It Green?
Environmental Facts About Fast Funnel®

There are several reasons why Fast Funnel is an environmentally friendlier solution than a plastic funnel. Some of them are:

Fast Funnel is made from sustainable material...paper. Our raw materials come from suppliers committed to sustainable forestry programs. Additionally, our primary vendor is Riders Recycle FSC* and SFI** certified.

Fast Funnel is biodegradable. Eventually, plastic funnels are thrown out and will end up in landfills where they spend the next 500+ years. By most estimates, paper products degrade almost completely between a few months and a few years in landfills.

Fast Funnel is easily recycled. Additionally, more companies and even some municipalities are employing the use of waste stream energy recovery systems to harness the energy potential of combustible waste stream products like Fast Funnel.

Fast Funnel reduces the waste associated with clean-up. Reusable funnels require paper towels or rags, and often chemicals for cleaning after use. The volume of waste that ends up in the garbage from the soiled paper or rags (or the impact of the energy and chemicals needed to wash them) is greater than that from Fast Funnel.

Because Fast Funnel is so convenient to use and dispose of they can help prevent those careless spills that occur when people don't take the time to pour through a funnel or lay the dripping plastic funnel on the ground during a project.

*Forest Steward Council (FSC)
**Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)