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Disposable Funnels Help With Research Into Lead Paint Testing Methods

WEBWIRE –Elk Grove Village, IL, June 12, 2009 – Researchers with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and RTI International investigating new methods for paint collection and lead testing are using Fast Funnel® disposable funnels to assist in safely and easily collecting samples (Journal of Environmental Monitoring, Rapid new methods for paint collection and lead extraction, 2009, 11, 1, DOI: 10.1039/b807679k). Made from heavy-stock paper and designed for one-time use to eliminate the impurities and cross contamination found on reusable funnels, Fast Funnel insures that test samples aren’t contaminated from other sources and allows for safe disposal should lead be found. Additionally, flexible sidewalls and a unique, square profile allow these funnels to closely contour test surfaces thereby improving sample collection under the team’s procedures. Researchers hope their work ultimately leads to the development of a lead paint test kit that meets EPA specifications. As Fast Funnel comes folded flat, they keep out dirt and store easily but open up into full size funnels making them well suited for this application. Made from SFI and FSC certified renewable materials and biodegradable, they’re also an environmentally friendly product.

Fast Funnel® Disposable Funnels Receives Contract Number with DoD EMALL

Elk Grove Village, IL. July 24, 2007 - Developed by S&S Concepts, Inc. and manufactured in the U.S.A., Fast Funnel® disposable funnels are now available for purchase to government buyers through the DoD EMALL.

The DoD EMALL, an advanced, web-based government electronic marketplace, has issued S&S Concepts, Inc. an open market contract number to offer the Fast Funnel® disposable funnel line to DoD buyers and other federal customers. Simple, compact, and versatile, these handy funnels can be used to pour virtually anything without spilling and save time and work by eliminating messy clean-up. Most importantly, since you always have a new funnel ready for use, foreign material pre-contamination and fluid cross-contamination is virtually eliminated.

Already proven in wide range of industrial and commercial applications, Fast Funnel is becoming a popular item among the U.S. service personnel receiving them in care packages. Since 2003, S&S Concepts has donated Fast Funnel to U.S. troops through the support groups Operation Support Our Troops Illinois and Yellow Ribbon Support Group. "We wanted to do something for our men and women serving in harms way," said Larry Salani, Vice President of S&S Concepts, Inc. "When we first started donating Fast Funnel, some questioned how useful they would be. Since then, we've received dozens of letters from Iraq and Afghanistan thanking us and expressing how practical the funnels are for uses ranging from filling canteens with drink mixes to servicing HumVees. It makes us very proud to help, even in this small way."

For the latest news and information visit the company's Web site at or for DoD EMALL visit, keyword-fast funnel.

For Disabled Entrepreneur Disposable Funnels Mean Freedom

Hamilton, MT. Sept 9, 2006 - For the last four years, Mike Robinson has struggled to regain the freedom he lost when diabetes cost him his legs. Now the 66-year-old former carpenter is finding more freedom than ever by founding a new company he hopes will help countless other handicapped individuals with a very personal and painful problem that most fully-abled people take for granted. Obviously restricted to a wheelchair, Mike's disability makes even the simple act of going to the bathroom without help a difficult task.

Searching for a solution that would allow him to use any restroom without having to leave his wheelchair, Mike had the idea of adapting a funnel to help him use a standard toilet or urinal. But he realized that the product would have to be disposable. Mike contacted S&S Concepts, Inc. the company responsible for Fast Funnel disposable funnels for help in developing a funnel for his special need.

Sold in numerous retail stores, Fast Funnel¨ disposable funnels are general purpose funnels made of coated, heavy grade paper, folded flat for easy storing. Fast Funnel was exactly what Mike had in mind, but the standard funnels were too small for his application. After contacting S&S Concepts Inc., manufacturers of Fast Funnel, Mike worked with company vice president, Larry Salani, to adapt a Fast Funnel for his purpose. The new funnel is compact and disposable like all Fast Funnel products but longer. This size provides the reach needed for a wheelchair or walker bound patient to access standard bathroom facilities without assistance or the need for a handicapped equipped stall.

Now, Mike and S&S Concepts are working together to bring this product to those who need it. A first time entrepreneur at an age others are retiring, Mike has signed on with S&S as a distributor for the new product they're calling the Freedom Funnel. Of course, S&S and Mike hope to make a profit from Freedom Funnels but really look forward to the day when Freedom Funnels are helping thousands of disabled people regain a measure of independence. "This is more than just a business for me, this is my life" says Mike, "even if I wasn't directly involved, I would buy this's that important."

For more information on Freedom Funnel and S&S Concepts, Inc. log on to or call them at (847) 350-5900

From Octane to Atoms -
Invention Promises to Reduce Oil Contamination

Elk Grove Village, IL. May 1, 2006 - Lifelong "gearheads" Ted and Larry Salani have always had a love for tinkering and inventing. While other kids were out playing ball, the brothers were usually taking things apart, putting them back together and in the process, trying to figure out how to make them better. Now they're turning that passion into profit with a product they're sure will change the way we think about pouring oil.

Fast Funnel® disposable funnels are made of coated, heavy grade paper, folded flat for easy storing. When you need a clean funnel, just tear the top one off the 3-pack, pop it open and it's ready. When you're finished pouring, there are no spills and no clean up to worry about...just throw the used funnel away.

The brothers attribute most of their mechanical aptitude to genetics. Their Dad was always working on the family car and had his sons under the hood turning wrenches and pouring oil as long as they can remember. When Ted and Larry teamed up to start developing new products, it seemed natural for them to come up with a simpler, cleaner method of getting fluids from point A to point B. With their experience in auto maintenance, they recognized that no matter how many funnels you have lying around, there's never a clean one when you need it. When they designed Fast Funnel, they wanted it to be compact enough to be handy but also wanted to ensure that what you were pouring stayed clean.

As the import, muscle car and hot rod scene has exploded, so has the use of high-end, high-priced premium synthetic oils. Experienced enthusiasts and professionals understand that regardless of the oil you put in your engine, keeping it contaminant free is critical...and that means right from the start. The Salanis believe the "garbage in, garbage out" rule is why Fast Funnel is a better way to pour and why the product's popularity is growing.

Now a powerplant of a different kind is using these disposable funnels to run cleaner. Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant has integrated the use of Fast Funnel into their equipment maintenance program. In an industry that carefully controls lubricant purity and equates unplanned maintenance with loss of revenue, ensuring that each pour is through a clean funnel is a wise investment.

For more information on Fast Funnel and a list of retailers log on to or call them at (847) 350-5900

Fast Funnel® disposable funnels and Hallgren Brothers Racing LLC
team up again to make 2006 a winning season

Kewaunee, WI. March 7, 2006 - Fast Funnel® Disposable Funnels and Hallgren Brothers Racing, LLC continue partnership for the 2006 Championship Off Road Racing season.

"We are very excited to continue our involvement with Hallgren Brothers Racing and off road racing." said Larry Salani, Vice President of S&S Concepts, Inc. "The 2005 season really went above and beyond our expectations. Fast Funnel® has really taken off with the CORR racers and fans. They see the value of using Fast Funnel® to ensure that clean lubricants are put into their high dollar vehicles."

"Hallgren Brothers Racing is ecstatic about having Fast Funnel® back again for 2006. We are just starting." says Ken Hallgren, Driver of the #215. "We can't ask for better partners. The Fast Funnel® people know what it takes to get the job done, and they're not afraid to dig in and get their hands dirty at the track."

"The convenience and the cleanliness of the Fast Funnel® product is what impresses us the most." said Jeff Hallgren, crew chief for the #215. "Even though the track can be a dirty place, and we race in the dirt, we can be sure that when we top anything off with oil, we won't be spillin, and we'll be sure not to contaminate the oil. Gone are the days of spending 15 minutes cleaning a conventional funnel and still wondering just how clean you got it."

About Fast Funnel® - Ted and Larry Salani founded S&S Concepts Inc. in 2000 around the development of the Fast Funnel®, disposable funnel. Originally intended to provide an identity and corporate structure for the development and marketing of the Fast Funnel, S&S Concepts has now expanded its scope to include the innovation and development of any new product that meets its criteria for solving everyday consumer challenges with the simplest design approach possible.

About Hallgren Brothers Racing, LLC. - Hallgren Brothers Racing, LLC. is a privately owned and operated marketing company specializing in motorsports marketing in the Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) series.

Diablo Canyon switches to disposable funnels to reduce oil impurities

(Avila Beach, CA. - October 21, 2005) - To reduce foreign material contamination levels in equipment lubrication systems, Diablo Canyon Power Plant has integrated the use of disposable funnels into their equipment maintenance program. Analyses of equipment lubrication systems indicated oil contaminant levels were higher than expected during operation cycles. A review of equipment maintenance practices revealed that most standard funnels used for equipment maintenance contained a degree of foreign material contamination (i.e. dirt, grinding residue, mixed fluids). By switching to Fast Funnel® disposable funnels, it is anticipated that Diablo Canyon will experience a reduction in overall oil contamination by eliminating the pre-contamination that occurs when lubricants are transferred through dirty reusable funnels.

Fast Funnel disposable funnels are made of coated, heavy stock paper and designed to fit a wide variety of openings. They come folded flat in three packs and as a result stay clean prior to use. Intended for one time use only, the used funnel is discarded thereby preventing the accumulation of solid particle contamination or foreign fluid buildup on the funnel's contact surface.

David Efron, Predictive Maintenance Engineer, for Diablo Canyon says. "We go to great lengths at the plant to ensure that equipment lubrication systems operate with the lowest possible contamination levels to minimize bearing surface wear. If we can eliminate a known source of contamination by using this product it would be a big aid in helping to maintain oil purity between maintenance cycles and potentially reducing unplanned maintenance activities.

In addition to the contamination reducing benefits Fast Funnel offers, the product has also proven to be popular with maintenance crews and other craft personnel.

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Fast Funnel® disposable funnels proud sponsor to
(PAPA) Scholarship Program

Elk Grove Village, IL. July 18, 2005 S&S Concepts, Inc., distributors of Fast Funnel® disposable funnels, is proud to help sponsor the Palwaukee Airport Pilots Association (PAPA) scholarship program. PAPA will be selling Fast Funnels at the Palwaukee Municipal Airport's Summer Sizzle Open House happening Saturday, July 23, 2005 from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. to raise money for their 2005 scholarship fund. All proceeds from the sale of Fast Funnel at the event will be donated to the scholarship fund.

PAPA's scholarship program provides tuition assistance for students attending an accredited University, College or Aviation Technical School located in the state of Illinois.

For more information on the PAPA scholarship program, log on to For a schedule of other S&S Concepts, Inc. sponsored events, or to find out more about Fast Funnel disposable funnels, log on to

Fast Funnel® Day at Lubbock Dragway

S&S Concepts, Inc., distributors of Fast Funnel® disposable funnels, is proud to sponsor the first Fast Funnel Day at Lubbock Dragways NHRA Summit Series & Good Guy Challenge . Larry Salani, Vice President of S&S Concepts, Inc. will be on hand to give away plenty of free Fast Funnels and answer any questions about the product. There will also be drawings to win Fast Funnel hats, t-shirts, and tank tops for the ladies.

Since becoming a sponsor at Lubbock Dragway this year, S&S concepts, Inc. has been a big hit with racers. According to track owner Dennis Barnard, this is a product that does exactly what it advertises and just makes sense for anyone involved in motorsports.

Fast Funnel Day is scheduled for August 13, 2005 at Lubbock Dragway. For more information you can log on to and review their updates or use this link to Lubbock Dragway.

Fast Funnel® Disposable Funnels Picked Up by World's #1 Retailer.

Elk Grove Village, IL. April 14, 2005 Developed by S&S Concepts, Inc. and manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Fast Funnel® disposable funnels are now available in 2000 Wal-Mart stores throughout the U.S.A.

Wal-Mart is the latest in a growing line of retailers that see Fast Funnel® as a welcome addition to their current line of products. Simple, compact, and versatile, these handy funnels can be used to pour virtually anything without spilling and save time and work by eliminating messy clean-up. With their emphasis on consumer convenience, S&S Concepts believes it's only a matter of time before Fast Funnel® joins the ranks of products such as Scotch® Tape and Post-it Notes® household names we all take for granted. "We are very excited to have Fast Funnels available at Wal-Mart" said Larry Salani, Vice President of S&S Concepts, Inc. "When someone thinks of funnels they typically think of automotive applications. However, we developed a product that is just as handy in the kitchen as it is in the garage."

With positive reviews in a growing number of national magazines, motorsports sponsorship, and donations to several charities including military support groups, S&S Concepts knows the word of their new product is getting out and in time will pay off.

For the latest news and information or for a listing of current retailers visit the company's Web site at or call (847) 350-5900.

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